About Us

An effective inspection and maintenance program can minimize undesirable service interruptions. Most prominent of these parts are the electrical insulations systems. These are complex structures which are subjected to mechanical, electrical and thermal stresses of varying magnitude. The reliability of a machine depends to a very large degree on the condition of the electrical insulation. A well balanced preventive maintenance inspection program is based on evaluation of the insulation systems by effective test methods supplemented by visual and mechanical inspections. No test methods are available which replace the need for a visual or mechanical inspection of these insulation structures. This is essential to detect mechanical damage caused by loose parts or foreign objects, evidence of wear or deterioration of insulation components from thermal, electrical or magnetic stresses and/or vibratory forces. Similarly there is no single test method available which permits an adequate evaluation of the insulating system. An inspection and testing program is therefore based on a number of complementary tests and visual/mechanical inspection methods. Periodic inspection involving a complete disassembly of the unit is necessary to permit a close examination of possible areas of difficulty, is recommended.

Our services include up to 250MW:

       -Hydro/Gas/Steam/Wind turbine generator maintenance and repair.  

      -Complete generator inspections minor and major.

       -Rotor and Stator rewinds, restacks, re-wedging, inspection, cleaning, & repair

      -Complete electrical testing of turbine generator. (including ELCID & ELWTD testing)  

      -Complete mechanical inspections of all air cooled generators (Bearings & Oil Seals Included)

Our services are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for in shop and field services.

This is a brief overview of our capabilities here at EMC, if you would like to receive additional information or would to schedule a meeting please contact us at any time.

 We would value the opportunity to provide a bid for services & hope to hear from you about any future endeavors that may arise.